About Milk...

Sarah Blackmilk is a UK based slinkster, instructor, performer, judge, and mesmerising movement enthusiast. She has been dancing for 7 years, and is known for her fluid sultry style, sexy flexy floor shapes, and her ability to effectively translate and troubleshoot technique for all students and levels of experience.

She continues to develop and showcase her unique style of movement through guest performances, competitions, and across social media. Sarah teaches her creative and seductive flow and floor shapes around the UK, internationally and online, in workshops, and as a guest instructor.

Sarah had no previous dance, gymnastics, or aerial experience prior to discovering pole dance, but found that her background in Engineering gave the perfect foundation for understanding movement initiation, balance points, opposing forces, weight distribution and transfer, and the many technical aspects that make the incredible things we can do with our bodies, possible.

Sarah is a firm believer in committing to every movement; that it’s not just what you do, but the way that you do it, and aims to share her passion for musicality, both as an instructor, and a performer.

She gives her all in her masterclasses, aiming to bring a balance of achievable yet challenging content for each participant, focussing on translating technique into any format a student may need, to fully understand how to safely and confidently navigate the floor and apparatus with their bodies.
Sarah initially found her way into pole dancing by trying some pop-up beginner classes, then as a student with Studio 22, after being inspired by Lucy Cork dancing in the Nero – Guilt music video. She discovered her love of the stage via the UK competition scene, winning Pole Theatre and Dance Filthy, spent time at workshops, pole camps, and training events, meeting polers of all styles from all over the world, and developing her unique Romance The Floor style.

Sarah has performed at Alethea Austin’s Live Dancing Girls in Nashville and as part of Alex Shchukin’s Dance Crew for Pole Theatre UK, and is a regular performer at Jamie Taylor’s Scarlet Show, The Irish Pole Dance Academy, Pole World Festival, for Eden Online, and is part of the NecroDancers Coven.

She has been a judge for The LucyPole Cup, The English Riviera Pole Championship, Welsh Aerial and Pole Championships, and the Welsh Dragon Pole Competition, will be on the judging panel for Eden Pole Competition and In The Spotlight Competition, and is an instructor for Pole World Festival, as well as for Superwoman Ibiza Pole Camp, Sway Floorwork Retreat Poland, Pole Life Villa Retreat Granada, and for GFFdamian Online Exotic Camps.

Sarah is a fully qualified beginner Pole Dance and Fitness instructor, fully insured and first aid trained.