Vertical Joy – Gainsborough

Vertical Joy - Gainsborough

April 10, 2022

Workshop 1 - 1.5hrs 13.30pm
Illusion Splits & Faux Flexy Poses
90 mins – All Levels.
Heels or socks are recommended for this class, kneepads are advised.
Workshop 2 - 1.5hrs 15:15pm
Dynamic Movement Accents and Floor Landing Technique
90 mins – All Levels.
Heels, socks, or legwarmers can be worn for this class, kneepads are essential.
Workshop 3 - 1.5hrs 17:00pm
Heel Work Choreography
No aerial moves included.
90 mins – All Levels.
Heels are preferred for this class,kneepads are advised.
Please message us via our main Facebook page to book, stating which workshops you’d like to attend.

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